Yiddish Wisdom


A kind's khokhme iz oykhet khokhme   

A child's wisdom is also wisdom

Oyb di velt vet amol vern derlayzn, vet es zayn nor durkh dem fardinen fun kinder         

If the world will ever be redeemed, it will be only through the merit of children   

Yeder kind trogt zayn eygne brokhe arayn in der velt  

Each child carries his own blessing into the world

Halt nit a kind tsu ayr egenem visn, vayle, er iz geboyrn gevron in an onder tsayt

Don't limit a child to your own knowledge, for he was born in another time

A kind on a smotshik iz vi a tir on a kliamke

A child without a pacifier is like a door without a knob

Got hot keynmol gezogt emetsn zayn narish

God never told anyone to be stupid

Dos epl falt nit vayt fun boym

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Keyn mol tsuzog epes tsu dem kind un gib es nit tsu im, vayl azoy vet er oyslernen vi tsu lign

Never promise something to a child and not give it to him, because in that way he learns to lie

Toyre can men nit opshraybn oder beyerushe

Learning cannot be bequeathed or inherited

Ver es vet nit prubirn, vet nit lernen

Who does not try, will not learn

Tsu zukhn khokhme in der elter is vi a tseykhn in zamd; tsu zukhn khokhme in yugnt iz vi gravyrn oyf a shteyn

To seek wisdom in old age is like a mark in the sand. To seek wisdom in youth is like engraving on stone

Di varemste bet is di mame's

The warmest bed is mother's

Mayne kinder, di kleyne un di groyse, zaynen ale vunderkinder

My children, big and small, are all prodigies

Fardreyte gandz, fardreyte gendzl

Goofy goose, goofy goslings

Khokhme kumt mit di yorn

Wisdom comes with the years

Vos Got iz tsu der velt, eltern zaynen tsu zeyere kinder

What God is to the world, parents are to their child


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