Shvimt Dos Kestl Afn Taykh

Shvimt dos kestl afn taykh, afn groysn Nil. Shvimt dos kestl ruik, glaykh, shvimt dos kestl shtil

Un di khvalyes geyen shtil, geyen tsart un lind; vi zey voltn hitn zikh ton leyd dem kind


Shvimt dos kestl afn taykh...

O, di khvalyes zaynen doch nit vi pare shlekht. Nit dertrinken veln zey meshiachn fun knecht

The Basket Is Floating On The River

The basket is floating on the river, on the borad Nile. The basket is floating quietly, straight, the basket is floating peacefully.

And the waves move quietly, tenderly and gently; as if they wanted to avoid harming the child


The basket is floating on the river...

O, the waves are not just as is pharaoh, evil. They will not drown the saver of slavery

Papir Iz Doch Vays

Papir iz doch vays un tint iz doch shvarts. Tsu dir, mayn zis leben, tsit doch mayn harts. Ch' volt shtendig gezesen dray teg noch anand, tsu kushen dayn sheyn ponim, un tsu haltn dayn hant

Nechten banacht bin ich oyf a chasene geven. Fil sheyne meydelach hob ich dort gezen.
Fil sheyne meydelach- tsu dir kumt nisht gor - tsu dayne shvartse eygelach, tsu dayne shvartse hor

Dayn talye, dayn mine, dayn eydler fason, in hartsn brent a fayer, me zet es nisht on. Nishto aza mentsh vos zol filn, vi es brent. Der toyt un dos lebn iz bay Got in di Hent

Ach, du liber Got, varf mir nisht arop. Glaych mich nit tsu keyn beymele un nit tsu keyn slop. Dos beymele az es blit iz doch zeyer sheyn; vi helft mir shoyn Got mir dir tsu der chupe tsu geyn

Oh, Paper Is White

Oh, paper is white, and ink, black as the night. To you, my dear sweetheart, my heart takes its flight. I'd willingly wait for three days I would stand, to kiss your fair face and to hold your dear hand

Last night to a wedding I went without care. A room full of pretty girls I did see there. A room full of pretty girls, but none to compare with your pretty coal-black eyes, and your raven hair

Your figure, your manners, your noble attitude, in my heart burns a fire, one cannot see it. There is no-one who can feel how it burns. Death and life are in the Hand of G-d

Oh, please, dearest G-d,. do not cast me down. I' m not like a tree or a stick in the ground. A tree when it blooms is lovely to see; with G-d' s help, my darling, my bride you will be

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